Friday, July 08, 2005

Tattersby and the Old Curiosity Shed - Neil Schofield

An excellent story in the latest (I think) AHMM. Not only was the plot complex, but anyone who has read the previous posts about stories will know that the characters were well developed. Of course, I restrict myself to Tattersby himself. I kept thinking of the retired police officer on the BBC comedy "Last of the Summer Wine": Truly? Truelove? Anyway, this police officer had dry wit and a keen mind. There is a sort of justice meted out here thought I doubt it would pass muster in an American court.

The story is longish, which I think helped make it as good a read as it is. There was space to develop a back story and to get Tattersby into conversations that revealed his personality. Many stories fail, I think, because they don't take this kind of time. Neil Schofield has, however, scored a hit with his story.


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