Friday, July 21, 2006

Wonder of Wonders...

Did you want to read one of my short stories? Well, at a local bookstore, I found the October issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine , an excellent publication. This one was made even better than most (as far as I'm concerned) since it carries one of my short stories. This behemoth, The Valley of Angustias weighs in at a massive 12,500 words. It tells the story of how Luis Gonzalo, my series protagonist, came to be sheriff of Angustias. If you've been wondering how to get into my series, this would be a pretty good place to start. It's set right after Gonzalo has graduated from college in 1964.

Now, why the October issue is out in July, I'm not sure, but it was a real pick-me-up. Rush out and buy a copy today. Or, even better, get the first novel in the series, now published by Dorchester Publications, a very smart set of people.


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