Thursday, August 24, 2006

Drive by James Sallis

What can one say about this book? I got it at the Black Orchid Bookshop a short while back and read it in the last few days. It was good. The prose was crisp, the story was complex and interesting. I think the book may have been overhyped. Without ruining the plot, I think it lacked some of the emotional impact I thought it could have had, and there were, at the end of it, a few loose ends that I couldn't figure out whether they'd been tied up and I missed it or if they were dangling.

Would I read another book by Sallis. Definitely, but as a noir novel, I think Sara Gran's Dope was more satisfying. Since I'm getting back into teaching mode, I'd give Gran an A and Sallis an A-. I also have Sallis's Cripple Creek from the same store, but Reed Farrel Coleman's The James Deans is next.


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