Thursday, October 05, 2006

To Make You Angry...

Found this at It is hard to imagine something more sickening than this. I don't usually report on real life crime, not recent crime anyway, but the actions of Thomas Engelhardt, 42 and Karl Heinz Henning, 61, German nationals the both of them...disgust me. Anger me. This is how I felt when I wrote my most recent novel - a novel perhaps no one should read because it was written with great anger and that's not necessarily the greatest motivation for putting pen to paper.

It makes you wonder whether the perpetrators can be seen as fully human. If they do this to children, don't they fail at some basic level? Of course, the quandry is that if we deem that they have failed as humans, can we then treat them like dogs - sick dogs without remedy - and put them down? It is, I think enough to try one's core beliefs and one's morals. There must be another way to have right done in the world. Oh Lord, help me find it, so that I may be a good man.


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