Thursday, December 27, 2007

I should point out...

That there is an interview with me conducted by the honorable Russel McLean...There's no joke there.

In any event, the interview is available in the latest copy of Crimespree Magazine. I know what you're thinking - "I'm not going outside to score a copy of Crimespree on a day like today what with the wind, the rain, the snow, the cold etc just so I can read what Torres has to say about...wait for it...Life. Love. And Laughter. After all, I can read Torres's prattlings any day of the week. Or possibly even his books if I'm of a mind to..." Well, in response, I would point out that you've gotten far too worked up about it all. I haven't even suggested you go out and get a copy right this instant*. Tomorrow will do just as well.

And don't forget there are plenty of other interviews, articles, and a short story by Julia Thomas, wife of Will Thomas and a fine story crafter in her own right. Most importantly, there's Russel. He asks questions. And he's really smart. He has two short stories coming out with AHMM soon, and it's about time since he's one of the finer short story writers around. Between the two of us, we get to the bottom of this whole "definition of Noir" thing so that I've been assured by various highly placed authorities the issue will never crop up as a panel topic at a conference again.

Another thing I should point out is that The Concrete Maze was recently reviewed in Mystery News. Ted Hertel called it a nightmare, and he knows a thing or three about crime fiction. Wait. Nightmare doesn't quite sound as positive as the review does.

Let me quote at greater length: "This is as close to reality as a book can get in this genre. It is dark. It is frightening. It is powerful. It is a nightmare brought to life on the printed page, one that readers can be thankful they lived through only vicariously."

I thank Ted and Russel both for their attention. Perhaps more than I deserve, but I'll take it anyway.

* Though it is true I was planning to make that exact suggestion.


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