Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How We Lost the War in Iraq...(Quite Short)

Plenty of killing. No actual goal - at least not one that would stay still for more than a few days. WMDs, removing Saddam, setting up free elections, then more elections, then another round of elections, then making it so the Iraqi people could fix their infrastructure and run their government smoothly. Essentially, we're down to "We win if we can stop violence in Iraq."

Imagine someone assassinates the president of Iraq the day the last US soldier leaves. By GWBs standards, we'll have lost. Our brave young men and women are fighting and dying without an attainable goal - the greatest failure of the current president (and there are many to choose from) is that he has not yet, not to this day come up with a goal for our military that is achievable. Not to say that would have been easy, but he didn't even try.

Next it's back to crime writing news and such.


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