Thursday, April 07, 2011

Glenn Beck Moves Out... Steven Torres Moves In

FOX talk show host Glenn Beck is leaving his job and moving on. One assumes there is a brighter future for him somewhere. I don't have cable, so I've never seen his show, but I've seen snippets on broadcast channels (yes, with rabbit ear antenna) and that's enough... Enough to know that I want his job. Not sure if it's open audition or what, but wouldn't that be sweet. If I understand correctly, he bashes people for a living. I could do that*.

Am I conservative enough? I believe in God and think America is a nice country.

Do I know enough about politics? There are two parties in this country, the right one and the wrong one. There's also the Tea party, but it is still in its larval stage.

Do I know enough about economics? Recession bad, depression worse. "What are your plans for fixing the economy? YOU'RE WRONG!"

Do I have the slogans? AMERICA FIRST! Give me a break! That's UnAmerican. What are you? A Francophile? "We gotta neuter and spay them before they breed!"**

* Some my say that as an English professor, I do that already...
** So many uses for that one.


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