Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lucy Cruz on Sale

In the interest of garnering new readers and, to be honest, since I could make zero sales as easily with a lower price as with a higher price, I've dropped the cost of my latest: LUCY CRUZ AND THE CHUPACABRA KILLINGS all the way to 99 cents.

Will the price stay low forever? Of course not. As I said, I can just as easily make no money with a high price, and a high price does afford me the comfort of thinking there's a monetary reason for the lack of sales... On the other hand, I had thought of making the book 99 cents at the end of June and just got around to it today. So you can expect I won't recall the need to bounce the price up until the summer is over.

Despite the title, the book is an amateur sleuth novel with a female protagonist and not so heavy on the little mythical beastie. It's a good book if I do say so myself, and I'm usually quite willing to bash my own books... Just ask me. Anyway, it'll cost you a buck to find out if it's to your liking.


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