Saturday, September 29, 2018

A (Political) Poem

Sorry to inflict my poetry upon any hapless soul who wanders here, but "inspired" by yesterday, I wrote a poem. I make no claims to quality.
You've been warned:

The United States of Beggary

This is what we’ve come to in the United States of Beggary.
Brown people begging at the borders to see
their brown children one more time.
Begging to hold their little brown hands.
Begging to be allowed to take their little brown selves
back to the misery they were trying to escape
And away from the horror they had found
In the United States of Beggary.

This is what we’re reduced to in the United States of Beggary.
The sick scrounging for healthcare
Asking for help in the land of the free
Turning to an app called gofundme.
Begging the country to come to their rescue:
“It’s UnAmerican to want us to help you -
“That’s not what nations are for, son –
“What are you? Dumb, son?
“No reason why accident or illness or emergency
Shouldn’t lead you straight to bankruptcy –
“In the United States of Beggary.”

This is what we’re down to in the United States of Beggary.
Women in elevators begging the elevated
To hear them, to see them, to
“Please, oh please, oh please don’t force metoo”
Live in a land where the judge is a rapist.
Just that.
“Don’t make me live under the rule of a rapist.
“I beg.
“A minute of your time, can you spare a dime,
“Could you at least look at me?
“In the United States of Beggary.”


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