Sunday, May 22, 2005


That throat clearing is not just the start of an announcement, it is part of it as well. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine has taken one of my stories. I can't say how much this pleases me. For some reason, I have thought of the two biggest mystery publications as a sort of holy grail of short story writing. Not because they carry the best story -- CrimeSpree Magazine is just as good as far as I can see. AHMM pays however. The money's not that important. (Though quite nice.) But it insures competition.

Intersting to me, I think I've written better stories. CrimeSpree published one of them in January -- "Stoop, The Thief." Still, there is a very real sense in which I cannot be the best judge of my own writing.

Another point of interest -- the story is based on a true story that occurred in Puerto Rico about fifteen years ago. Can't say more until it comes out.


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