Monday, July 18, 2005

Another Day, Another Manuel Ramos Post

You'll think this is some kind of addiction, but it's not. There's a method to the madness. I've just finished "Blues for the Buffalo" and just started "Brown on Brown." About "Blues" what can I say that I haven't said about other writings by Manuel Ramos? Who knew Denver was so seriously whacked out? Once again, there's a smooth jazz prose unraveling a tight-knit mystery. Once again Ramos highlights both Chicano past and Denver present (ca. 1997). The story has incest, extortion, of course murder, and, this time, poets. And no matter which crime you look at in this book, the doer is never who you think it is. Unless you're better at this than I am, which, I have to admit, is not all that difficult.

There's also a growing role for Jesus Montez, Luis's near-80 year old dad. You have to like him, and I keep hoping for him to take the lead in solving a case the way some people have told me they want to see Mari solve a case in the Precinct Puerto Rico books. Who knows?

I'll save my words about "Brown on Brown" until I've gotten further along. I'll say for now that the first two chapters have a kick to them that promises good things.


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