Friday, March 17, 2006

Short Stuff

I'm now writing four short articles/reviews, and I have five stories accepted for places like SHOTS, CrimeSpree, and Demolition and two others I have to write for anthologies (more about that later...perhaps much later). That's double digits for the short stuff for 2006 and, to quote The Carpenters (one of my dad's favorites): We've only just begun.

One short story will earn me some cash. The others will earn me honor and glory. And I mean that. No joke. It is an honor to me that knowledgeable people trust me with their readers. It's no small thing. I've certainly had plenty of stories rejected over the years. That is the norm for most writers.

I've written two pieces of flash fiction. I'm thinking of sending one to Tribe's Flashing in the Gutters , but I'm a little scared. I've never written flash fiction and everyone there is really good. (Go ahead. Take a look. I'll still be here.) What if my stories missed the point of the format and are actually bad? Anyway, that's my insecurity. I'll send the little ones out soon. Promise.


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