Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Flashing!

I forgot to announce when my second bit of flash fiction went live. You can find it at Tribe's Flashing in the Gutters. The second story I posted there was the one I thought was best, but it got mixed reviews. Some people loved it (Thanks mom!) and some thought it was pointless because one of the main characters does things without any motive being revealed.

In fact, I was told by one reader that people don't do things without motives - there's always a thought process and a decision (barring, I assume drugs and alcohol, mental illness, etc). I'm not sure about that. I am sure that sometimes it is impossible to know the motive - for instance, if the perpetrator is never found. Then, though there may have been a thought process involved, no one is privy to it.

Anyway, read the stories. Tell me what you think.


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