Monday, April 30, 2007

For those keeping score at home...

Everywhere I go people are saying "Steve...what have you been doing with yourself?" I'm not posting blog entries, I'm not publishing stories every fourth day, in short, production is down. Or so they think. Nothing could be further from the truth. For instance, while short story acceptances are, in fact, at a three year low, rejections are running at near peak performance. Who has rejected my stories? Who hasn't? EQMM, AHMM, Asimov's, Analog, The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy to name a few. Rejected by form letter and by email. Rejected in science fiction, mystery, adventure, and a combo of genres I like to call the science fiction-mystery.

Oh, and I even forgot to submit an article about myself to the people at Mystery Reader's Journal for their Ethnic Detective issues.

And I was asked recently if I could write a happy ending to a current novel length project. Nothing at all against happy endings. I like them as much as the next man. But then this particular story has a string of murders and a main character suicide. Tough going turning frown upside down.

On the plus side, however, my bible blog has started up again and I've published three interviews - two for Crimespree: the overly talented Megan Abbott and the clearly genetically enhanced Jonathan Santlofer. Santlofer is also the subject of an interview for Mystery Scene Magazine. In the future, all humans will be like these two and no one will ever be bored again.

I'm also preparing to interview Allan Guthrie. This, for Crimespree. Reading his wonderful (so far) Hard Man, has been a treat. On the other hand, Jon Jordan has warned me that I'm supposed to elict at least one funny response, and I fear that Mr. Guthrie will run dry before I get to ask him questions.

Another interview with a writer to be named later is also forthcoming.

There are four short stories out in the mail, and two stories are in the hands of contest judges. Two other stories are in the running for awards (very nice that). And I have a novel coming out as well as a short story in Bronx Noir and another in Demolition. This will make for a busy July. You'll be sick of me by then...If not already.


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