Thursday, August 09, 2007


A reminder: Over on my website, there's a contest to win a copy of The Concrete Maze. Free! It costs nothing to enter, but the reward...well, the reward is...worth $7.99.*

Random sample from page 84:

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Open the glove compartment.”
I did as I was told and there was a revolver in a little black leather waistband clip holster sitting on top of the insurance papers and the envelope with the car owner’s manual.
“Take it. Now, turn around a little in your seat until you can see him, and keep that thing pointed at him. It’s very simple. If he moves, squeeze the trigger.”
Since a soon to be awake and pissed off Nestor was in the back and the car was already moving, I did as I was told. Tio Luis caught green lights for a long while. Had the car stopped or gone slower, I would have jumped out.

Doesn't make sense to you out of context? Then get a copy! Free!

*No, I will not just give you the cash instead. Nor can you choose a different book of similar value...Jeez.


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