Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two questions....

The first question is political in a way....Charles Gibson just came onto my TV to tel me that the President was going to speak about the Iraq War. Then Gibson went on to tell me what the President was going to say. Summed it up pretty neatly and what he had to say corresponded nicely with what a radio announcer told me the President was going say as I was driving to work this morning. Now the President is talking and he also agrees with the radio guy and Charlie Gibson. Essentially stay the course. Fine. But if everyone knew what he was going to say, why take up the TV time? If the news is out, why the speech? And if he's Commander-in-Chief and he wants to keep going, it's going to happen anyway, no?

Maybe more importantly, I'm trying to find a movie I remember having seen on late night TV more than twenty years ago. I only saw a few minutes, but does this ring any bells...?

The scene I recall is of a group of young British punks - (not musical ones, just leather jackets, questionable hygiene, etc) - who were apparently trying to terrorize an elderly woman. They ride motorcycles over her lawn, sit at her table and put their booted feet up, etc. And one of them climbs a tree, puts a noose around his neck and drops, hanging himself but not dying because these guys are, in fact, immortal. Maybe vampires though there were no scenes of bloodsucking. In any event, the old lady wasn't afraid of them. In fact, I got the impression that she was also an immortal. It was about three in the morning, so I didn't finish watching it. Clearly, however, I should have.

My guess is the movie was a late 1960s or early 1970s production. If it rings a bell, please let me know.


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