Thursday, August 16, 2007

Black Orchid Party

Of course I'll be there. Bonnie and Joe were the first bookstore owners to know who I was before I had mentioned my name. It was back in the dusty days of 2002 and my first book had come out - Precinct Puerto Rico. I was on a journey to make sure that all four of the NYC mystery bookstores carried a copy. They already had twenty-five and hhopes that they could contact me. In pre-Rachel Ekstrom days, the publicity people at St. Martins had told them I had moved from NYC and would not be returning for signings. The first part was true. The second utterly false.

Over the years, Bonnie and Joe have been like family. When I'm in the city, I try to make it over there, and they've always had time for me even though it is clear I am hardly their best selling author. I feel sorry for new authors who'll have to enter the field without their support.

The party tonight ought to be a good one, rain or shine. I'll meet a dozen people I know. I'll schmooze though I'm not a great schmoozer. I'll have a grand old time. Then I'll get back on the train to Connecticut knowing that I've attended the last of the Black Orchid anniversary parties, and the ride home is just long enough to be sad in.


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