Monday, November 05, 2007

Random ARC giveaway

First up is an ARC of book #4 in the PRECINCT PUERTO RICO series. This one was creatively called MISSING IN PRECINCT PUERTO RICO because, well, someone goes missing. In any event, I found a copy on my shelves and would be happy to part with the ARC. It is, however, a tough book for some readers. It is about a pedophile ring and has a chapter (#5 if I recall correctly) that makes some parents cringe as we are taken into the mind of a sexual predator.

Unlike all foreign films which are invariably marketed in the US as being about LIFE...LOVE...AND LAUGHTER....this book is rather dark. Please don't take it so that you can tell me I'm evil. I know it already, and sales figures have proven it as well.

The book is redeemed by a shocking scene of police brutality if that's your thing.

Second, there are three ARCs of Book #3 in the series. This one was called BURNING PRECINCT PUERTO RICO. The title came about because, well, no need to go further, eh?

In any event, this one has a police officer being shot while flying through mid-air. Not your everyday occurence. Also, our hero, Luis Gonzalo, falls down during a shootout and lands in a patch of Hostas plants.

Anyway, of course, there are still a couple copies of THE CONCRETE MAZE to be had for the asking. Hardboiled/noir.

Another giveaway coming soon if I can remember.


Blogger Don Anderson said...

I'd love the No. 3 ARC and one of the No. 4 ARCs, if still available.

November 05, 2007 7:22 PM  

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