Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Movie Reviews

Went to two movies over the past long weekend - liked them both though one more than the other. The first was The Golden Compass. Visually appealing. The story was a bit of a muddle and I didn't like the fact that the ending was so clearly a set up for the sequel: The Golden Swiss Army Knife. Wait. Have I spoiled anything of the plot?...Nope. Unless you thought this would be one of those Hollywood productions where the little girl main character gets killed. Now, watch out, here is a true spoiler...Stop reading now if you don't want to hear it...You've been warned...

The movie is about dust.

Safe to come back now. In all, lots of fun though a tad on the confusing side and with an ending that's a bit of a let down.

The other movie was better though not perfect. I Am Legend starring Will Smith as both "I" and "Legend." It really is a good film with only a couple of plot holes - for instance, how did the zombies know about Fred? I don't think that's a spoiler either. Hope not. Sorry if it is. In any event, Will Smith lives in a NYC where everyone else is either dead or undead. Can't say I never had that feeling while living in NYC myself. In any event, he's a military scientist who would like to figure out how to turn the undead back into the living. Since he's immune to the undead virus, he figures he has a long as the undead don't just feed on him. Luckily, they like to lay in late in the morning which allows him to get chores done.

I think the ending is a bit rushed as it turns momentarily religious (which I'm all for) but this part seems a bit tacked on frankly.

Of course, speaking of religion, the Compass movie was based on a novel by an atheist and was supposed to be anti-religious, I thought, but was, in fact all about souls and who should control them. That, and dust.


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