Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Quarterlife is Coming! Quarterlife is Coming!

It's a new show on NBC concerning the Life, Loves, and Laughs of a group of twenty five year olds. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry...Presumably in the right places.

Here's the deal...two deals actually. First, so far, there are no real commercials. By that, I mean the type of commercial that makes you want to see the show. There's a shot of someone making drinks, others playing fooz-ball, people sitting around a living room, things like that. Someone says he feels like throwing up. I'm not sure which part of the commercial is intended to appeal to me. I can sit in my living room. I've never played fooz-ball (am I even spelling that correctly?). I've never had a drink (of alcohol) but I have vomited. Doesn't draw me in to watching this.

The commercial says it's the first show to make the move from the internet to the network. Of course, I was thinking "Does that mean there'll be more?"

Second, though probably related - I was too young to care about Thirty-Something way back when. I'm too old to care about Quarterlife. Maybe. Maybe I'm too old. Maybe, on the other hand, the show is crap. I always think that when the commercial fails to spark interest. Kind of like watching the trailer that is only action sequences without a hint of the story that these sequences are supposed to be in service of. Just in this case there are scenes of nothing and no hint of the story BEHIND the nothing.

Crotchety? You be the judge.


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