Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Writing...

Haven't actually written a word - thought I'd be done with another project which I just managed to hand off yesterday. Today starts some real writing - I know, you've heard that before. This time it's true. First, I'm going to get a haircut. Then I'm cutting my nails down to typing length. Then it's the start of a new novel. Or two.

The first up is a short (65-70k) Viktor Petrenko novel. I've got it pretty much plotted out in my head. Here's the essential storyline. Those of you who've read my Viktor Petrenko stories know that the love of his life is a woman named Elena. Well, in this novel, someone kidnaps her. Viktor will do anything to get her back. As you might imagine, there are going to be some broken teeth in this one.

At the same time, I have to finish a horror story. Problem with horror - I don't really like it. I don't read it, and I don't like the movies. Here's why: either they work or they don't. If they work, they scare me and that's not something I like. If they don't work, well, then they don't scare me and what is the point? It's a lot like rollercoasters. If I keep my eyes open, I get scared and have to do a lot of thinking to remind myself of all the safety precautions. If I close my eyes, I can pretty much fall asleep. I don't mind falling asleep, but that's more easily and more cheaply done at home.

And don't try to tell me that everyone likes a good scare sometimes. I'm not to be counted in that group.

Oh and I haven't been to an ammusement park in about ten or fifteen years. Prices were absolutely outrageous - probably to pay all that insurance. The ticket counter should have had signs warning about pacemakers and heart conditions. Can't imagine what Six Flags costs now, but I'm guessing the price has gone up.


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