Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Strangers, A Review

No. I haven't seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer. Liv Tyler and some guy are in a cabin in the woods when one or more people with potato sacks on their heads break in and start chasing them around the slow motion. From what I saw, Liv Tyler got the b'jaysus scared out of her several times by potato sack people and this fact alone tells us several interesting things.

1 - the potato sack people are neither quick at killing nor quick at dying - she's carrying around a stick for part of the time, but presumably it only buys her time...perhaps she stuns them into letting her go and instead of whaling away at them til they've bled their last pint, she uses the time to run away to another part of the house where she gets to confront some other potato sack person.

2 - The aforementioned potato sack people are not actually there to kill Ms. Tyler. I'm guessing they're either nuts (not a hard guess to make given the disguise) or they're there to mess with her husband. Not her real life husband (not sure she's married) but the one in the movie. My guess: her husband did something bad, and this is payback. Maybe he was a doctor who botched an operation or a lawyer who defended an oil company or an architect who constructed a flimsy school...over an Indian burial ground. In any event, if they were just there to kill, they'd have left the disguises at home and invested in firepower.

Of course, this could all be wrong. And the movie could be super scary. Since I don't care for scary movies (they tend to scare me if they are good and bore me if they are bad and neither emotion is one I willingly undergo) I'll probably never know.

Wait til I review Sex in the City...


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