Monday, October 19, 2009

Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott is obscenely talented. I mention this because I just heard she had a new book out and I immediately thought two things...and these thoughts were in competition with each other so it was painful: 1 - Why wasn't I notified? Is there a way to get updates? I've no doubt James Patterson has a website where there is a clock counting down to the next book. Actually, come to think of it, a regular clock that chimes every twelve hours would probably do, no? But really, for the benefit of mankind, there ought to be a way of signaling people when one of Megan's books comes out. Her and Will Thomas. Imagine what a world this would be if everyone knew when Megan's books were coming out the same way everyone knows when Oprah's on.Or if at the very least, Border's had midnight parties when Megan's books came out like they do for Harry Potter and everyone came dressed in 1940s regalia...

Then, of course, I thought 2- Why God? Why? I love the books. Don't get me wrong. They're great. But then, I'm a mystery writer too. I have feelings. I want to think I'm good. I want to think that I can string sentneces together like few others. Then Megan comes out with a book and you can't help but feel inferior. This might be an unintended side-effect of her writing. Not sure. Still, it's enough to break a writer's spirit. I was, by the way, happy that PW had said nice things about my short story in Uncage Me!. Now this. Ah well.

Bury Me Deep.


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