Sunday, July 12, 2009

Russel McLean's book... And a possible contest

was the fodder for my first Amazon review. Take a look. And a good book it was too. How do I know it was good? Well, first because I read it. I think that's a John Locke's primary experience type thing, no? But more importantly because I can still see images from the story and it has been months. Also, I can imagine the main character, J. McNee, doing things other than what he's shown to do in the novel. A secondary experience, no?

In any event, I do recommend the book if you're a fan of noir and/or Sottish people. Plenty of both in The Good Son.

Also, I will also be asking Mr. McLean a few questions about his writing and such and I hope to sell that (euphemistically since cash does not actually change hands...there again, can one do something euphemistically?) to Crimespree Magazine.

Now, in my review at Amazon, I say the the book present the world with the first Scottish PI. If I'm wrong, please show me the evidence. And I do mean Scottish PI working in Scotland with a license and everything. If you're the first to prove me wrong, I'll send you a brand new hardcover book. It might even be a copy of Russel's book though that would have to wait until it is out in this country since I don't fancy paying more for shipping than I did for the actual book again.

Visit with Russel at his blog. He doesn't bite.


Blogger Andrew said...


William McIlvanney's "Strange Loyalties." Although he's more of an investigator (w/the police)

July 12, 2009 4:15 PM  
Blogger Ross Bradshaw said...

The best way to order UK books from the USA is probably via The Book Depository as they are delivered post free. When the next Russel McLean book comes out, order it from them!

July 14, 2009 5:19 AM  

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