Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning of the End...

A few years back Reed Farrel Coleman waged a campaign to "Save Moe." Since his character, Moe Prager, is still going strong, the campaign must have gone well. I'm tempted to start a "Save Luis" campaign. Gonzalo is on the chopping block. That is, The next in the series Blackout in Precinct Puerto Rico is coming out to greet the world on March 31st of this year - happy news, no? But there's no contract for anything after that. Interestingly, the book is also the first that I wrote and the earliest set, so, in a way, the series has come full circle.

I'd love to expand the circle, write more novels, extend the series, see where Gonzalo goes next. I'm very much afraid - resigned, almost - of NOT seeing that happen. I have more to say, and I think the world could use more Gonzalo. Ah well.

What thinkest thou? Should I hope against hope that someone the numbers will work out and warrent a new adventure or should I move on and leave a tired series to die in the dust?


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