Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About Lucy Cruz

By the way, I forgot to link to this earlier. Carole Goldberg wrote up a piece on Connecticut's mystery authors. My bit's here, just scroll down.

Here's part of what I had to say, the relevant stuff really:

"Lucy Cruz is a young freelance photojournalist who gets herself into trouble because of the assignments she takes. She stakes out a farm where the Chupacabra [legendary monster] is expected to appear; what she witnesses (and photographs) instead is murder. Though threatened, she digs until the case is solved.

In any event, there's a bit more about me and the book, and I'm grateful that Carole included me though the book I wanted to talk about was an ebook. There are also eleven other authors profiled in brief so it's worth your while to look up the whole article.


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