Friday, December 16, 2011

About the Sandusky Thing...

Here's what I don't get - supposedly one of the flunkies at Penn State caught Sandusky in flagrante delicto with a ten year old (who couldn't possibly, therefore, be confused with a consenting adult). He says he shut the door on them then opened it some time later, and Sandusky and the boy were now standing apart. That ended the matter as far as I can tell - that is the flunky didn't say anything to Sandusky at the moment or do anything else.

Why didn't the flunky (who appears to be a large man) go into the locker room, get a helmet and beat Sandusky until he stopped moving?

He says he didn't use the word "intercourse" with Joe Paterno because that would have been too rude a word for Paterno's ears... Not too rude for the boy to be forced to endure, mind you.

I'm no fan of football and certainly no fan of amateur football, but from this example (and apparently there are other examples waiting to be discussed at Syracuse, no?) I would tend to think that while college football might turn out fine young men of good character, it is run by weasels.


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