Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My 50 Kindle Goal

Okay, I topped fifty Kindles sold this month. That's big news for me, and I'm happy. Happy and greedy. How about sixty? (I'm at 54 now.) I'll make it. Pretty sure. Giving away one of my titles this Friday. That ought to boost a few more sales. Okay, here's my new goal for February - 75 sales. 21 for the week remaining. Here are a couple of titles that won't be given away this month:

The Concrete Maze

Hard-boiled, Noir this book is a look at the consequences of just one simple mistake...

When 13-year-old Jasmine Ramos goes missing, one man, her father, races desperately to save her from the horrors of life and death on the streets of New York City. Can he rescue his daughter from the pitiless concrete maze, or will he be swallowed whole?

The Precinct Puerto Rico Files

Ten tales featuring heroes from the Precinct Puerto Rico series of novels.
UFO - When a senior citizen reports a UFO has crashed into the woods behind his house, Sheriff Luis Gonzalo isn't in too much of a hurry to investigate, but it isn't long before the town begins to change, and it seems Gonzalo is the only one who isn't in on the secret.
Rolling Rivera - Wheelchair-bound Rivera was a nasty piece of work. Now it seems someone may have used the chair against him.
The Inspector - When a meat inspector goes missing in town, Sheriff Gonzalo learns the man had cultivated more than his fair share of enemies.
Caring for Jose - Rachel Matos claims to have killed her husband, Jose, with one swing of a frying pan, but Sheriff Gonzalo had tussled with the man often enough to know it would take more than that to bring him down.
The Driver - What could have been a routine stop, turns into an all out chase.
Fiesta - One of Sheriff Gonzalo's colleagues notices a suspicious pair of young men at a town party, but how can she get them to talk before the last song is sung?
The Tent of Babel - This story takes one of Sheriff Gonzalo's colleagues back to his time as a prisoner of war in the Korean War.
David - A little boy goes missing just as Hurricane David approaches the island, and Sheriff Gonzalo and his team race to find him.
Angustias, Puerto Rico, 1970 - When one of the more venerated ladies of the town is brutally murdered, Gonzalo races to catch the culprit before it happens again.
The Valley of Angustias - In his very first case, even before becoming sheriff, Luis Gonzalo tries to figure out why citizens of Angustias are being beaten when they don't seem to be connected.


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