Friday, February 03, 2012

The Free E-book Ploy, Part II

All day today, some of my best stories are free to you if you have a Kindle device or a Kindle app for your PC, Mac, phone, microwave or wristwatch. These are the six stories collected in an anthology I called KILLING WAYS 2 (because KILLING WAYS was already taken - by me. It's also a fine collection, just not free. Less than a buck, though...).

Here's a description taken straight from Amazon:

Hard luck, hard knock, hot and cold blooded killers, criminals, and the people they collide with.

1 - The Biography of Stoop, the Thief - Chapter One: Stoop and Clyde. Stupendous Jones has had a hard life from the day he was born, but can he (as a twelve year old) save the life of the only guardian he's ever known? Should he even try?

2 - The Biography of Stoop, the Thief - Chapter Three: Stoop and Elizabeth. Stoop finally finds the woman he thinks is his mother, but will the cost of saving her from her own demons be too high for a young boy to pay? Publisher's Weekly called the story "moving." I challenge you to disagree.

3 - Bronx, Summer, 1971 - Ray Cruz hurts people for a living. When family members are found murdered, it's a race against the police to find the guilty and make them pay.

4 - Padrino - Ray Cruz is back, and his goddaughter has been brutally attacked. She's not sure who beat her, but Ray makes it his mission to find out.

5 - Elena Speaks of the City, Under Siege - It's a city under siege and you are young, beautiful and smart. But can you make it out of the city before your sanity crumbles like the infrastructure? And what would you do once you've left?

6 - Early Fall - Yolanda Morales comes across a young runaway who calls herself "Jasmine" and tries to save her from a life on the streets even if she doesn't want to be saved. But what can one determined woman do when the rich and reckless come to the city looking for prey?

Note that the second story in the group was nominated for a Derringer by the Short Mystery Fiction Society. The fifth story won a Derringer. The sixth story was included in BRONX NOIR, edited by SJ Rozan. Stories one and three were published by Crimespree Magazine. Story four ran in PLOTS WITH GUNS.

Every story has a pedigree, so it's not like I'm asking you to clog up your Kindle with crap...

Just so you know, the second story was published in an anthology - UNCAGE ME! edited by the lovely and talented Jennifer Jordan for Bleak House. Publishers Weekly called my story "the most moving." And they meant it in a good way.


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