Friday, March 02, 2012

The Free E-book Ploy, Part V

For today only - grab LUCY CRUZ AND THE CHUPACABRA KILLINGS free for your Kindle or Kindle app. This is a full-length novel. Here's the description from Amazon:

Photojournalist Lucy Cruz, young, beautiful, talented, and poor, spends her nights sitting outside a farm waiting for El Chupacabra - Puerto Rico's legendary livestock killing beast. The group that hired her want only one clear photo of the animal, but what her camera captures is not one animal killing another - it's murder. When she hands police her photos, she's thrown into a fight for her life against a killer who's only getting started.

When the man she loves is nearly murdered, Lucy races to piece together the clues before the killer's aim improves...  

Is it the greatest book ever? Probably not. There's the Bible for one. The Iliad. Oh, and War and Peace...

Is it the greatest novel about Chupacabra? Yes. Unless Bill Crider wrote one...

Note that if you like this novel (and really why wouldn't you?) you'll probably like this collection of stories: THE PRECINCT PUERTO RICO FILES.


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