Thursday, March 08, 2012

Free E-book

Just a reminder that I have a whole collection of stories out for free today: KILLING WAYS. Kindle or Kindle app on your computer or phone will do the trick.

Here are the descriptions in case you're not sure you want to click over to Amazon:

1 - The Most Dangerous Man in New York City: 1969-1977: Winter 1971 is the first Ray Cruz story, and it shows why Ray Cruz fits the description in the title. Ray takes on the Italian mob - all of it - and doesn't do too badly.

2 - Daughters is the second Ray Cruz story. In it, he gets out of jail and his old boss has some work for him. He's not too interested in returning to a life in crime, but then the man he's asked to take care of earns Ray's very violent hate.

3 - Family is my first flash fiction and it involves Viktor Petrenko, ex-Soviet special forces, current new York City tough guy in the rescue of a baby. Don't worry. The child will come out unharmed. Can't say the same for everybody else in the story.

4 – Viktor Petrenko, Bring Them to Their Knees Viktor is in South America when he’s offered a job he can’t refuse – rescuing a little girl kidnapped by a drug cartel. He’s equal to the task of killing, but can he save the girl?

5 – Viktor Petrenko, We Will Make You Beg shows Viktor in Rikers Island Prison in New York awaiting his trial for tax evasion. The prison toughs want to make him choose a side and New York detectives want him to start talking about a dismembered body they found, but all Viktor wants is to be left alone with his memories of the one love of his life - Elena.

6 – Viktor Petrenko, Have You No Mercy? Viktor is sentenced to prison for tax evasion, but a white collar crime puts him in among the country club set for the first time in his life. While the other prisoners hardly know what to make of him, Viktor spends his nights dreaming of the Balkan Wars – the first time he met the love of his life, Elena.

7 – Excerpt from Man of Disaster is a taste of a novel in progress that should be ready for the summer. In it, scientists on the run from paid assassins involve Viktor in their troubles, and when the love of his life, Elena is threatened, Viktor responds the only way he knows how – murderously.

8 – Into the Woods is the story of a man and his psychotic delusions – delusions that seem real to the people they disembowel…

9 – Long Distance is the story of a con man who claims that his non-speaking friend can retrieve the voices that have spoken on your phone lines even if the speaker is dead. One little old lady wants to hear the last word of her now departed husband, but the message he left may not be what she wanted to hear…
10 – Murder at DynaCorp is about the investigation of a death – the head of research firm DynaCorp was found in his office with his heart sitting on top of his chest, but with no incision on his body.


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