Sunday, July 31, 2005

Writing So Far -Enter The Narrator

The novel I announced as begun a little while back has moved along a bit, but it's disappointing. I think I need it to be in first person. Otherwise, my narrator is sounding too clinical, and the words bore me as I put them up on the computer screen. Of course, that's not necessarily the narrator's fault. I might well have the right narrator and simply need to stake a claim to a POV character. Some of the better series out there belong to 3rd person narrators (I'm specifically thinking of Ian Rankin's Rebus series at the moment, but there are others).

Or maybe I just need to reread what I have so far and see if it's as badd as I think. But then I hate rereading my stories before they're done. I usually write so quickly, that there isn't much need to. This time may be different.


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