Friday, February 03, 2006

Up Next...

I finally got contact information for Martin Limon. Haven't tried it yet, but if it's good I'll be bringing him in for questioning. I love his short stories for AHMM. I've ordered a copy of his Slicky Boys which I think is his first novel. Maybe not. I'm also getting his latest novel, maybe from Black Orchid .

I've also ordered a Kevin Wignall novel People Die. (Unless I'm thinking of someone else.) I've got a couple of his short stories in old AHMMs.

Next up is Rebecca Pawel . Hopefully I get that interview up before the end of February.

Also on my list: Bill Crider , IJ Parker , Jim Doherty (round two), and others.

Among the others might be these two guys whose writings appear in the sister mags all the time: Robert S. Levinson and Robert Lopresti. I'm trying to develop a short story theme for the most part in these interviews. Anyway, haven't contacted either one yet. They may say no. We'll see.


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