Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scratching a Niche

Went to the Latino Expo in Hartford, CT this afternoon. I've not paid much attention to marketing my books to the Latino community so far. Since the books are in English (anybody for the Spanish Language right?) it's a little difficult knowing where I should advertise, who I should talk to, where I should be trying to make appearances. The only Latino magazines I know of, for instance, are huge circulation glossies. My entire advance wouldn't get me a page of advertising.

I went to the Latino Book and Family Festival in Houston a couple of years ago, but just as a visitor - happened to be in the town for a booksigning. That was a large and unwieldly event. Today's was a lot smaller, and, I think, a lot more manageable.

Don't know what this adds up to. I found a few local periodicals. They might be interested in hearing from me when the fourth book comes out in October. Maybe a review, maybe an article. Maybe I'll put some money into an ad or two just to see what effect that has.

Maybe I'll get a table at the next Latino Expo . Don't know. Scratching this niche will take more thought.

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Meanwhile, have you read my story at Coffee Cramp? It's about the end of the world. And a coffee machine. Check it out.

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And don't forget my two contests: send a comment saying you want Steve Hockensmith's latest book in ARC form (free of charge) and it may be yours. So far only three people have put their names down and one of them was Steve. Not good.

Also, if you're a writer and are preparing a ms, you may want to enter the contest on my homepage. Go take a look.


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