Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coming Soon...

I've met a lot of writers who are new to me this past year and that, of course, means that I've asked if they'd be willing to be interviewed. The most recent victims will be Laura Lippman and Jonathan Santlofer. Ms. Lippman is well known for her work a reporter at a Baltimore daily, but did you know she also wrote mystery novels? She's got a whole series of them going. Perhaps some are still in print...

Jonathan Santlofer is known as an artist - the type with an easel and paintbrushes, but he's also managed to turn out some gripping, page-turning suspenseful...suspense novels. I read his novel, The Death Artist - who knew the art world was so bloody?

Now which of these two authors do you think might have said the following about the writing process:

"I try to outline, but can never follow them. My characters refuse to behave. They are always doing unexpected things so it's hopeless."

This much as a clue - the characters really do do unexpected things.


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