Friday, November 17, 2006

I Just Heard...

David Blaine, magician, is going to spend two days in a spinning gyroscope, chained. Then he's going to try to escape. Here's my problem with this - WHY? What does this man want from us? Is it just attention seeking? I know about attention seeking - as an author one is forced to seek attention. But wouldn't being in a gyroscope cause puking? I don't mean from Blaine...I'm assuming he'll retch his guts out or do some permenant damage to his inner ear. I mean among the viewers. I don't think I could watch for more than a few minutes.

This is the same man who lived inside a block of ice, and tried to hold his breath for nine minutes, and...Well, who cares? Is David Blaine what happens if the guys from Jackass learn to be patient?

And shouldn't someone stop Blaine from hurting himself? People hurt themselves all the time for our viewing pleasure - football, boxing, etc - but at least in sports, the pain is more incidental. Here it just seems to be the whole point of the exercise. Blaine is saying "Look at me, everybody! I'm hurting myself! Again!"

Or maybe I'm just getting old.


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