Sunday, July 08, 2007

Amazon Numbers, redux (x-posted from Crimespace)

My Barnes and Noble numbers are very different from my Amazon numbers. At B&N, my numbers, at the moment, are 467,137. My Amazon numbers, however, have dropped into the 1.4 million zone. I hope to start turning these numbers around in about ten days (that is, the 18th or so) which will still be about ten days before the book is officially out in the world. Here's what I'll be doing and you judge whether you think I have a chance of getting some attention.

1 - I'll be attending Thrillerfest. I won't be on a panel (boo!) but I will be schmoozing and if anyone asks me if I have a book coming out, I'll proudly tell them about The Concrete Maze. Net sales? Maybe one book.

2 - I'll be giving a booktalk in the DeKalb branch of the Brooklyn Public Library on the 18th. I'm told this will generate some interest and draw a decent crowd.

Net sales? Probably another book.

3 - I have a full page ad and two interviews that I conducted running in the forthcoming CRIMESPREE. I spoke with Con Lehane and Al Guthrie, both of whom have recently produced excellent books. I think (but I'm not sure) that Jon Jordan is also running a contest to give away my books. Oddly, I expect giving books away to increase sales. By how much? Not sure.

Net sales? Quite possibly as many as ten books.

On the 24th, I'll be on hand at Partners and Crime in NYC for the launch of BRONX NOIR from Akashic. I'm one of the writers. I figure this might get me a few more sales.

Net sales? 3 books.

Now the net sales (which, if I do my math correctly add up to 15) are online sales. At least as many net sales in stores etc. So 3 trips into NYC (a 250 mile roundtrip) and a full page ad plus two interviews (which were actually fun so I shouldn't count them, but I will) nets me 30 sales. Sweeeeet! No, wait. There's got to be something wrong here...


Blogger Daniel Hatadi said...

I've put my 2c in over at B&N. Hopefully it'll show up soon and you'll get at least 31 sales.

July 09, 2007 2:31 AM  
Blogger pattinase (abbott) said...

Please don't rely on these numbers too greatly. That way lies insanity. The book is great!

July 11, 2007 4:25 PM  
Blogger Steven said...

Thanks for your support though I couldn't find your 2c. Was it in Australian currency?

No worries. I'm more disheartened by the fact that I probably won't garner any print book reviews though it's my best book by about a quarter of a mile. The Amazon numbers are usually useless and more so for paperbacks since they don't offer a discount.

July 11, 2007 5:23 PM  
Blogger Daniel Hatadi said...

The US dollar is pretty weak at the moment, but it did take a couple of days for the review to show up. B&N had to approve it and obviously the currency conversion caused them some trouble.

It's up there now!

July 12, 2007 12:53 AM  

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