Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Furthermore...Thrillerfest and MySpace

A bit scatterbrained lately, preparing to go off to Thrillerfest. This is a last minute thing made possible by Stephen Blackmoore's willingness to part with his ticket to the event. Many thanks go to that corner.

Trying to navigate the Thrillerfest website has been a nightmare, but I'm sure I'll get a program in paper form once I get there. I'm not on any panels which normally wouldn't be so bad because I'd just have that much more time to spend in the bookroom (I assume there'll be one at Thrillerfest but I couldn't find evidence of that on the site) or schmoozing (couldn't find a complete list of people attending either). I feel woefully underprepared. Ah well. Story of my life really.

On the other hand I was also trying to verify claims that myspace works wonders for an author's sales. I actually went to myspace to check it out. I had always thought it was a site for children to either meet friends or predators. Apparently it is also a site where people thank each other for invitations and additions. I suppose that's one way to make friends. Couldn't figure out how I'm supposed to make use of this (assuming I made up a page, how would I get people to know or care?). If anyone has positive or negative feedback, let me know. Few experiences have made me feel like more of an old man.

The Launch party for BRONX NOIR (the greatest of the NOIR collections...) is at Partners and Crime in NYC on July 24th. Should be very nice with some greta authors on hand for the free wine and beer. Nore on that after Thrillerfest.


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