Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Torres vs. Rowling

Thought I'd let people know that there are two things going on today. First, my book The Concrete Maze is in-stock at the online places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Bookstores are probably soon to follow. This is very exciting for me since I made a vow recently to displace JK Rowling from the top spot at Amazon starting as soon as the book actually hit the shelves. No doubt she's feeling the heat and I do wonder whether this Sunday's Times or next Sunday's will show the results of all my efforts... Of course, the book officially hits stores on the last day of the month and is considered an August title. That should give her a little breathing room.

Secondly, Beth Tindall has made over my website front page with new news, a few of the blurbs for the latest book and, yes, a contest. Does Rowling have a contest? I doubt it. Just checked her site. No contest...Hell of a site though. Click through for a look...but then buy MY book.


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