Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honorable Mentions...

They say that getting honorable mention in a contest is exactly like losing...Nothing else. That's all they say about the issue. I, on the other hand don't really know who "they" are. So for me, honorable mention feels something like winning...not exactly like it, mind you. Winning often involves cash prizes whereas honorable mention usually involves being mentioned...

All this to say that I nailed down a couple of honorable mentions for some Precinct Puerto Rico short stories. The first is an honorable mention from the Al Blanchard award people at the New England Crimebake. The story is called "Caring for Jose" and I really think it's my finest PPR short story after "The Valley of Angustias" which was published in AHMM last year. The people at Crimebake sent me a framed certificate. Very nice. The honorable mention does not come with publication so if you know of an outlet looking for a 5k story, please do tell me.

The people at Mysterical-e let me know that my PPR story "Fiesta" earned honorable mention in a contest they were running. This does come with publication, so that's a plus. The story centers on the pleasantly endowed sheriff of the next town over from Angustias, Susanna Ortiz.

I also sent in one of my favorite short stories "Murder at DynaCorp" to a place called Notorious Press. They let me know it's a contender for publication in an anthology they're putting together for next year which concerns funky means of murder. (Or something like that.) If actually selected, I get $50 and publication. This story takes place in the not too distant future at a place called DynaCorp andit turns out that someone has been, well, murdered.

I was writing a horror story a while back, and everything was going well with it, but it creeped me out. That's not all that difficult to do, really, but there you have it.

Listening to Joshua Bell playing the Brahms. The middle movement is about as delicious a piece as you'll want to hear. Sadly for Bell, I heard Heifitz play this just this past week... Still, a good showing.