Monday, December 10, 2007

Posting to Amazon...

Really? Does it have to be that hard? I was scrolling around one of their forums on Thrillers. Someone asked a question - they wanted to know if their were thrillers with female assassins - Tim Maleeny came to mind. I clicked on to reply and was told I had to register. I did that and tried to send my very simple message again. Then i was told that I had to have made a purchase. Of course, I've made many purchases through Amazon - I'm one of those people that supports that book industry. I figure I must have registered for Aazon before, but I just can't recall how. In ay event, I didn't get to send my message, and I don't plan on buying a book just so I can let people know about Maleeny - buy his books, by the way.

Someone else wanted to know who wrote the Native American female character who helps people disappear. I haven't read the books, but I'm pretty sure this is Thomas Perry, no? That didn't go through either.

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking - "Torres, you're just technologically challenged and as techonology marches onward you will be left further and further behind, so get used to it..." Still, I can't help but ask how restricting access to the forums helps Amazon make sales. I'm sure that this must be what they're trying to do with this restriction, but I just don't see the upside.


Blogger Tim Maleeny said...

Steven, thanks for your valiant attempt to pimp my book. I've had similar experiences and am not a luddite, either. Why does it have to be so friggin' hard...

December 13, 2007 2:20 PM  

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