Thursday, April 03, 2008

Writings and Readings

I've written two horror stories in the past couple of weeks. At least I thin they're horror. They don't scare me, so it's hard to say. In any event, both stories are in the hands of Jen4 Jordan, and we'll have to see what happens from there. Another of my stories will be included in an anthology next year, but I have to wait a bit before I can release more details.

My serial killer novel* is at 20,000 words, but I haven't seen it in a couple of weeks. March was harsh. I'm assuming the words are all still where I left them and haven't gone sour or anything.

Reading Empty Ever After by Reed Farrell Coleman. My goodness is that a well written book. Somebody ought to give that man an award next year. About halfway through - it's about a dead guy who might not be fully dead and the effects this circumstance causes for a range of people - and the prose is tight, the story moves as it should and everything is right with this book.

I've just heard that some editor might actually be interested in my goatsucker novel**. That's exciting news since, well, how many people you know can claim someone is looking at their goatsucker book? Frankly, I'd be a little surprised if I'm not the only one.

* I call dibs on the trademark for the phrase "serial killer novel".
** Trademark on "goatsucker novel" as well.


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