Monday, July 14, 2008

Mi Gente!

This past Friday I did something that I never would have imagined for myself when I was a kid growing up in the South Bronx. I gave a keynote address at a gala event. The Puerto Rican Day Parade organizers of Fairfield County in Connecticut asked me to talk to about 200 people, and I did. Proud to do so in fact. Of course, good food, good music, good people were a given.

My speech was short - the salsa band was supposed to take the stage right after me and you never want to be the one keeping an audience of Puerto Ricans from their salsa music - still, I was told by several that what I had to say was inspiring. Of course, that was the point. In any event, it was a great event and only the second time that this author, the author of the PRECINCT PUERTO RICO series, has spoken to a group of Puerto Ricans. Strange, this business I'm in...


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