Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where I'll Be

I was invited to write a blog post for the 4th of July weekend over at The Lipstick Chronicles. Not sure if i was supposed to disperse that information into the cyber-wilds, but then on my blog, it's not about dispersal...

In any event, anyone who knows me and the Lipstick Chronicles will immediately see how this is a perfect match. In fact, if it paid something over 50k w/benefits, I'd quit my job and write fulltime for them. Then they could get the kinds of traffic I get here*.

I've also been asked to write a short story for an anthology and another short story I wrote years ago is supposed to be included in another anthology. We'll see how those go** before I post any specifics.

I'll be a keynote speaker for the first time in my life on July 11th. Not sure what I'm supposed to say just yet and, given that it's for a Puerto Rican Day Gala event, I'm not sure which language I'll be speaking.

Have I given up on my writing career though nary a publisher will touch my books? Nay! I struggle on like a mighty carp, fighting the tide of destiny and doom that threaten to wash me out of the writing game forever...

Okay, that was a strange metaphor, but I stand by it.

* Mostly quite slow and usually only here by accident.
** That is, whether checks clear.


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