Friday, July 04, 2008

'Bout Friggin' Time!

This is old news by now, but I thought I should say something. Not sure why. Okay I take that back; I do know why.

I'm not usually not the most up to date guy in the world, but even I've noticed that the news of the world has been particularly crappy the past few weeks and months. Gas prices, mortgage crisis, inflation, the dollar being near worthless overseas, the resurgence of the Taliban funded by dope sales which, I'm just guessing here, probably means American citizens are paying a sizable chunk into the Taliban's war chest.

It gets worse, of course. Muskrats undermining a levy, tornadoes erasing neighborhoods and towns, Israel wants to strike Iran, Iran seems happy to throw down, and if all that isn't enough, Voyager II has left the solar system and taken pictures which show the solar system is severely dented. I have no doubt the solar system's insurance won't cover that. Even if it does, the deductible has to be massive.

In my own life, not only am I finding out that that I'm not a commercially viable writer (that's painful - I thought if anything I'd be one of those...) but the corn I planted with such care a few months back and which has been growing strong all this time is finally growing tassles loaded with pollen. Just no ears to pollinate. Those look likely to come out a couple of weeks from now when the pollen will be all gone. Ah well.

So when finally a piece of unmitigated good news comes along, I shout HALLELUJAH! I say ABOUT TIME! Can you imagine? After years of raids, negotiations, mediation, threats and other stuff, all it took to free fifteen people FIFTEEN! was a con job. No shooting, no killing, no bloodshed, just a battle of wits. And finally, in this battle of wits, the bad guys came unarmed.

I'm not a drinking man - never had a drink in fact - but to the people who planned this and to the people who carried it out, I say you deserve a case of the finest scotch (or rum or Grape Nehi) and an expenses paid vacation to someplace great. Then you should all be cloned to solve other problems around the world.


Blogger Graham Powell said...

Uribe's got FARC on the run. It doesn't hurt that their support from Venezuela has dried up.

July 05, 2008 8:54 PM  

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