Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Interview

There's an interview with me up at El Boricua. El Boricua means "The Puerto Rican" in Taino-speak. This is part of the massive buildup for the March 30th launch of BLACKOUT IN PRECINCT PUERTO RICO.

In other parts of my promotional efforts, I have a call in with Oprah's people, and certain low-level managerial staff at both B&N and Borders have promised me that both chains will have special midnight parties to celebrate the release of the book. People are expected to come costumed as Sheriff Luis Gonzalo or one of his deputies.

Of course, most of my fans so far have been Puerto Ricans, and the costume wouldn't be complete without handguns, so things could be very interesting...

Back to the interview...

In it, I talk a bit about my background for writing THE CONCRETE MAZE among other things.
There are also some great recipes in case you're looking for some fine Latino food. Be warned, however, that the food can lead to a sensory overload.

On the other hand, my interview will leave you feeling quite dull, so in all, things balance out...


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