Friday, February 18, 2011

More Kindling...

Now you can buy The Valley of Angustias, a novelette (12,500 words) about my sheriff's very first case - a series of unexplained beatings in the small town of Angustias in 1964. I wasn't actually alive in 1964, but I've read books and seen movies so I think I've achieved a fair facsimile.

In any event, it was first published in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and was nominated for a Derringer Award by the Short Mystery Fiction Society. Two people have already bought the story and it hasn't been returned yet, so I'm thinking they're satisfied.

If you'd like something more substantial to read, may I interest you in a collection of ten stories I have out on the Kindle called Killing Ways: Stories? Only get this if you like hardboiled fare.


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