Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Coming Back... The ebook edition

It's been a while since I've visited my own blog, but I find it's still here which is reassuring. Last year's launch of the fifth PRECINCT PUERTO RICO book was, I think, as close to a disaster as a book-launch can be. St Martin's Press somehow screwed up my author photo caption, their promotional material misspelled my protagonist's name, and the material that got posted at Amazon has nothing to do with the latest book. When I asked if any of this could be addressed, I was told they could change the Amazon stuff. Ten months later, nothing. But I'm not complaining... The check cleared.

I've got a book or two doing the rounds of New York publishers, but more immediately, I'm trying to get myself into the ebook world. I thought I'd start with collections of my short stories, and if that works, I'd put up novels as I get rights back from St Martins. I'm also in the process of finishing Viktor Petrenko novel that I think has almost no chance of selling to a major firm. Not that the novel doesn't deserve publishing. It's good stuff if I do say so myself (and I do). But my sales have otherwise been lackluster regardless of quality and why would a publisher take a chance?

But how do you get people to buy an ebook when you haven't been able to get them to buy the print edition?
Still, I've been encouraged to enter the world of Kindle by Blake Crouch and assisted by Graham Powell. We'll see what they think once they've actually seen the stories...

Soon, I'll update my website, too. Haven't been there since 2007...


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