Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anthony Neil Smith...

Here's th deal. AN Smith writes about seriously screwed up people - usually violent people - victims and perpetrators. Nobody gets out alive kind of stories. I haven't read his latest. I'm man enough to admit that. But I have great faith that it is a worthwhile read if you're into truly hardboiled fiction... If you seek a Miss Marple ripoff, you won't enjoy Neil's work. His Miss Marple uses a riding crop for business and pleasure...

All that said, Mr. Smith has put out a new book called Choke on Your Lies. He has a new character in it, Octavia - again I haven't read the book - and he's got some ideas for a second book concerning Octavia, and he's willing to write that second book if he can get 1500 buyers for the first book. No point in writing a second if no one is reading the first.

Now I tend to think that 1500 is a low bar for a writer of Neil's overall quality. Especially since the book is to be had for a mere $1.50. Please help this man reach his goal.


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