Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Drive for Twenty-five

Okay. If I sell a total of twenty-five kindles this month, I'll be quite pleased with myself. So far, I'm at nineteen. That's total sales. Mind you, that's more than any other month since I've been flogging kindle files. Anyway, I've got a few days left before closing out the books on the month. Here are some titles in case you're interested in killing two birds with one stone*:

1 - The Precinct Puerto Rico Files - a set of stories about the characters from my Precinct Puerto Rico series of novels.

2 - The Concrete Maze - a hardboiled, noir novel set in New York City in the 1990s when the city averaged more than a half dozen murders a day. A father loses his daughter to the mean streets. What will he do to get her back?

3 - Killing Ways 2 - Adequately described at Amazon: "Hard luck, hard knock, hot and cold blooded killers, criminals, and the people they collide with."

* The two birds are, of course, helping me reach my goal and getting yourself some very fine reading material.


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